Light - Colour - Form Workshops

These 1 day workshops are available as a one to one tuition or in small group and will suit beginners as well as advanced photographers. The emphasis of this workshop will be put on composition: Finding a suitable location and viewpoint, planning the image and previsualization, using different aspect ratios, shooting in colour or black & white and much more.

  • Other topics covered will be:
    - Taking advantage of mirrorless system camera features.
    - Exposure in the digital age (both in the field and post production).
    - When to use filters (and when not to).
    - Focusing & depth of field.
    - Getting the colours right (White balance and colour correction).
    - Advanced creative techniques (long exposures, focus stacking, etc.).
    - Working in bad weather and keeping your camera gear and yourself safe.
    - Anything else you would like to learn.

  • Prices:
    1 participant: 300.00
    2 participants: 250.00/person
    3 participants: 200.00/person
    Deposit: 100.00/person

  • What you need to bring:
    - Camera and lens(es).
    - Spare batteries and charger.
    - Filters (if you have any).
    - Tripod (if you have one).
    - Laptop with your processing software and cables.
    - Appropriate clothing (Hiking boots, waterproof pants and jacket, etc.).
    - Drinks and snacks.

  • More:
    - After booking your workshop you will receive a questionnaire so the workshop can be tailored to your needs and expectations.
    - Bad weather usually isn't a hindrance in going out with the camera and clouds and rain can actually be an advantage to create great landscape images. In very adverse weather (yellow / orange / red weather warnings) however it is possible that workshops will have to be cancelled. In that case a full refund will be given or the workshop date will be rescheduled.


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