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The Loop Head Peninsula is a narrow stretch of land that marks the south-western corner of County Clare. It is also my home. The unique location and topography of the peninsula has created a wide variety of habitats that are home to a very special fauna and flora.

To the south of the peninsula lies the estuary of Ireland's longest river, the Shannon, which features sheltered bays, inlets and lagoons. These host numerous resident and visiting wildfowl and waders and the adjoining waters of the estuary are home to Ireland's only resident group of bottlenose dolphins, locally known as the Shannon Dolphins.

The rocky north of the peninsula is exposed to the full force of the Atlantic Ocean and the sheer cliffs are the summer home for large bird colonies while basking sharks feed in the plankton rich waters below.

And this is not all... there are also colourful tidal pools, ancient hedgerows and sod hedges, wildflower-covered cliff tops and road sides, all teeming with life.

This is the wondrous world between the river and the sea. This is Wild Loop Head.

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