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Between the Tides:
A seashore safari

My office overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and it’s only minutes from my house to some small beaches, cliffs and rocky shores. The latter host an astonishing variety of life in all shapes and sizes. For two years I spent any free time I had exploring and photographing this strange but beautiful world… and I am not done yet.

Sand Mason
Lichen I
Middle Shore
Rock Pool Edge I
Rock Pool Edge II
Rock Pool Community I
Rock Pool Community II
Rock Pool I
Rock Pool II
Rock Pool III
Seaweeds I
Seaweeds II
Seaweeds III
Seaweeds IV
Seaweeds V
SEaweeds VI
Seaweeds VII
Seaweeds VIII
Rocks I
Rocks II
Rocks III
Rocks IV
Rocks V
Rocks VI
Gutweed I
Gutweed II
Thongweed I
Thongweed II
Purple Laver
Edible Periwinkles on Sea Lettuce
Periwinkle Trail
Common Limpets
Blue-Rayed Limpet
Periwinkle Eggs
Common Acorn Barnacle, Common Mussel, Common Limpet
Common Starfish
Spiny Starfish
Seven-Armed Starfish
Bloody Henry
Edible Sea Urchin
Beadlet Anemone I
Beadlet Anemone II
Beadlet Anemone III
Beadlet Anemone & Feather
Breadcrumb Sponge
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